What can a network model do
that other tools can't?

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Let's compare

On the surface, network maps and network models look similar.

Both tools have the ability to:

-- reach out to your network devices
-- understand nodes and links
-- expose tracing
-- offer searchability

Many digital versions of a network out there…
but Mathematical Models are new

Maps offer simulation, emulation, flow-collection, and topography.
But how do they compare against a mathematical model ?


A map helps teams to:

• Document connectivity
• Help troubleshoot issues
• Plan changes

But it won’t transform NetEng and NetOps.


A mathematical model enables proactive vs reactive networking:

• Understand and reason about all potential traffic
• Instantly troubleshoot issues
• Safely automate changes and see the diffs
• Verify security, connectivity, and fault tolerance
• Ensure network-wide consistency and correctness

ONLY possible with an accurate mathematical model-- exhaustively explored and indexed access on pre-collected data

Ask the tough questions

Not all network digital twins are created equal. Make sure your investment serves your enterprise network's needs.

Can your system...

Select all that apply
...collect, process, and support search on an entire network of 50K or more core network devices in a single view?
...linearly scale to improve data storage, processing speed, and search speeds as extra nodes are added?
...return path, text, and data-model results in less than a second, at full network scale?
...run successfully without requiring multiple nodes to be provisioned?
...support your entire network-- firewalls, load balancers, cloud objects, and virtual switches from all your vendors?
...model all Layer 2, 3, and 4 forwarding behavior?
...operate in a cluster mode without requiring an external manager component?
...model forwarding behavior down to individual config and state lines?

Can your digital twin...

Select all that apply
...filter identified paths based on any specified Layer 2 through 4 headers?
...identify all the paths between any two points in the network?
...identify all the possible destinations reachable from a device?
...identify all firewalls/access-lists that will block a given path?
...show whether there are at least 2 redundant paths from an access layer switch to another site through an MPLS Core?
...show any single points of failure along an entire network path?
...show complete traffic isolation between two tenants or applications?
...show whether traffic coming from the external Internet is restricted to only specific destinations and services?

Can your digital twin...

Select all that apply
...provide a means to verify consistency & correctness, without having to run an external program?
...provide a means to diff the network at two points in time and show the changes to VLANs, routing tables, NAT & ACL rules?
...provide a way to identify traffic-path changes and send alerts when this occurs?
...provide a way to identify specific configuration and state changes and send alerts when this occurs?
...expose a normalized, vendor-independent data model to query network configuration and state without requiring a user to define or maintain that model?
...make all functionality accessible via a standard REST API?
...operate without requiring disk management, link inference, and cluster setup?

Your digital twin system is not meeting your network’s needs.

Instead of emulations, simulations and maps, Forward Enterprise is the only digital twin that creates a network behavior database and intelligently traces and analyzes all possible traffic flows

Map vs. Model

Meet Walter. He manages an enterprise network. It's complex and a bit messy-- a combination of routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers from all of the big vendors.

Walter wants traffic visibility into every processing step and packet header change. And he wants analysis of all possible forwarding paths at all layers (L2/L3/L4) with behavioral traffic differences. His network map isn't helping.

He's ready to move from a map to a network model.

Watch the video to see his story.

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