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Forward Enterprise provides network documentation, reporting, and analytics that can ensure policy compliance and error-free change management in the federal space. The accurate software copy, or digital twin provides the visibility necessary for zero trust network security.

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Digital Twin Webinar Series

May 20 - June 17 | Webinar Series - As the Federal Government undergoes a digital transition the rate of change for Federal Networks is increasing at an exponential rate. How can you track the behavior and health of your network when it’s comprised of 10’s of thousands of devices across the world, in various data centers, virtual and cloud environments? How can you tell with high fidelity if the changes you’re making are working as you intended when every device, cloud, model, version and configuration behaves in a slightly different way? There has to be a better way and Forward Networks can show you how.

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Carahsoft Adds Forward Networks Platform to IT Offerings for Army

Read the latest article from Executive Biz with Zack Zimmerman discussing how Forward empowers federal network security operators to quickly visualize and search their complex networks.

Zero Trust

Federal agencies use Forward Enterprise to modernize their mission-critical networks. Verification is essential to reducing cybersecurity risk-- Forward allows network managers to verify every transaction before access is granted. Operators can verify the network is configured and behaving exactly as intended across on-prem, cloud and virtual overlay networks. Forward also allows users to set, check and customize policies for the entire network.

Continous Monitoring

Federal IT management demands protective monitoring of network infrastructure. Forward Enterprise provides a network model, or 'digital twin' of the network, giving network managers key insights with visualizations that are easily consumable and exportable. The dashboard feature includes insights on device models, OS versions, device by type, and several key metrics like number of links, number of configuration lines, number of VLANs, and number of VRFs with an indication of how they changed in recent history.

Secure the Network

As federal networks have grown, the need to gain access has changed from a tightly controlled access method to an open architecture environment that supports flexibility. Deep network awareness and fast forensic capabilities are necessary to provide the most advanced, end-to-end network security.

Forward Fix videos

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Network Verification for Zero Trust

Network Verification for VPN Users

Network Verification Office 365 Exchange

"It's a complete game-changer."

- Federal Executive Director, Enterprise Networks & Technology


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