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Forward Enterprise provides the most scalable, vendor-neutral network verification platform in its class. It compares the intent of the network architects, including all connectivity and compliance requirements, to the actual behavior and capabilities of the network. Network IT teams can now troubleshoot faster and proactively eliminate errors prior to a breach or outage.

Financial institutions depend on Forward Enterprise
to understand, automate, and analyze their mission-critical networks.

The Challenge of Effective Network Operations

To effectively operate a network for a financial institution, network operators need to:.

‣ Know what they have
‣ Know how it's connected
‣ Know where the traffic goes
‣ Know whether it's working
‣ Know what to change

A fundamentally different approach is needed to see, understand, and confidently act on network behavior.

Automated Efficiency

Digitization and the adoption of emerging technologies allow banks to operate more efficiently but also bring new and unique challenges to their network architects and operators. Forward Enterprise's comprehensive path search, visualization/diagramming, and network readiness for application rollouts saves customers thousands of manhours and ensures strict policy compliance.

Reduced OpEx

Forward Enterprise collects device configuration data from every network device, including state information that governs the active behavior of each device. It then models and anticipates the behavior of the entire network end-to-end, and reports on potential vulnerabilities, policy violations or risk exposure. This results in substantial process improvements through reduced time to trouble ticket resolution, reduced time spent on audit related fixes and updates, and fewer, shorter and more reliable change windows or network updates.

Network Security

With Forward's Path Analysis feature, security teams can verify applications' routing and firewalls without opening a network ticket. Also, the Predict feature allows both security and networking teams to understand the outcome of a configuration change before the change is made in ACL and NAT environments; proactively identifying potential connectivity and security policy violations. Forward Enterprise supports network security compliance by enabling users to create verification checks and save the entire history of their network documentation and behavior.

“As a customer of Forward Networks I can tell you that I wouldn’t want to ever be without their software. Even the simplest task of finding a mac address or IP address on your network is done instantaneously on Forward Enterprise. The amount of time this has saved my team is worth every penny of the investment.”

—Network Architect & Engineer, Consumer Financial Services company

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Goldman Sachs Case Study

"In the past year, we have scaled our deployment of Forward Enterprise to our entire network of over 15,000 devices. Our network engineering team relies on the Forward platform to be the single source of truth for our network. It's a critical component for automating our infrastructure."

- Joshua Matheus
Managing Director of Technology, Goldman Sachs

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