The latest from IDG Research: Network security through visibility

It seems the only thing security executives and SecOps engineers agree on is the need for improved network
visibility to protect the security posture.

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SecOps Practitioners: Siloed and Poorly Integrated Systems Continue to Undermine Network Security

In recent research, IDG identified a disconnect between network security practitioners and executives around levels of confidence and priority initiatives. Read the white paper to learn what this means for you and how a single source of network truth can mitigate concerns.

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CISOs and Security Executives: Network Security: Multiple Challenges Underline Need for Increased Visibility and Verification

As an IT leader, you may be surprised to know that your team may be more concerned about the security of your network than you are. Learn what IDG research revealed and how network visibility can improve your security posture

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Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies depend on Forward Enterprise for as their single-source-of-truth for security visualization and verification.

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