Meet Walter

Walter manages an enterprise network. It's complex and a bit messy-- a combination of routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers from all of the big vendors.

Walter wants traffic visibility into every processing step and packet header change. And he wants analysis of all possible forwarding paths at all layers (L2/L3/L4) with behavioral traffic differences. His network map isn't helping.

He's ready to move from a map to a network model.

Watch the video to see his story.

Fix problems faster

Find problems in minutes versus hours with our robust search capabilities and topology mapping. Compare changes between any two points in time to quickly determine where errors could have been introduced and how to resolve them.

Keep your network healthy

Verify that your network is configured and behaving exactly as you intended with powerful network auditing software and tools. Take the guesswork out of network change by predicting how changes will affect your network’s behavior. Test changes in software, and fix them before they’re live.

Guarantee compliance

Set, check, and customize policies for your entire network. Determine the compliance of your network behavior, to help ensure uptime and validate security.

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