Presenting the Forward Platform at Networking Field Day 13

Presenting the Forward Platform at Networking Field Day 13

As part of Forward Networks’ public launch, we had the privilege of presenting to a lively delegation at Networking Field Day 13 on November 17th, 2016. The event took place at Andreessen Horowitz’ campus in Menlo Park, CA and constituted our first public unveiling of the Forward Platform. The idea behind Networking Field Day is to bring together a group of independent bloggers, speakers, freelance writers, and IT thought leaders to preview and discuss exciting new networking technologies. The 13 invited delegates included Carl Fugate from Capgemini, Tim Miller of Quantlab Financial, David Varnum from Beall’s Department Stores, and Ethan Banks of Packet Pushers. The delegation’s collective reaction to the Forward Platform speaks for itself:

David Erickson, our CEO & Co-founder, kicked off the two-hour presentation with an overview of the current state of network operations. He introduced the Forward Platform as a means of reducing the sheer complexity of operating networks while eliminating the misconfiguration and policy violations that lead to costly outages.

Forward Platform demo

In the second section of our presentation, Brandon Heller, our CTO Co-founder, gave a full demo of our platform to introduce the 3 main capabilities – Forward Search, Forward Verify, Forward Predict – using a large, realistic data center network topology.

Use Case – Outage Diagnosis & Resolution

For the third section, I ran a live demo to show how the Forward Platform is used to prevent network outages. Using a real world example of the effect of a fiber cut on a network, I illustrated how engineers and operators would quickly diagnose and resolve this incident utilizing the Forward Platform.

Use Case – Network Auditing

In the final section, I demonstrated how the Forward Platform offers audit functions to discover, report, and debug latent misconfigurations or policy violations in a network. With next to no effort, a network engineer can verify basic misconfigurations are not hiding in a network, reducing the chances of unexpected issues when making changes or during an update.

Forward Networks’ mission is to radically improve the efficiency and resiliency of networks at scale. We were thrilled to participate in Networking Field Day 13 as part of our company’s launch. Stay tuned for more from Forward Networks. You’ll be hearing a lot from us.

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