Forward Networks
in the Real World

Watch as Forward Networks' technical solutions architect, Scot Wilson demonstrates the unique features of Forward Enterprise in real world scenarios.

Scot Wilson began his career in the US Air Force in 1997. Born color blind meant he was destined to engineer networks instead of planes. He worked his way up the OSI model: lots of all-nighters on satellite links then lots of CLI roaming the Air Force improving base networks. He did well and got a chance to skip to layer 8 to master politics and paperwork as a General’s aide. In 2007 Scot joined Cisco Systems to go even deeper as a network expert to help the Department of Defense. Prior to joining Forward Networks he spent almost 8 years at Riverbed as a technical director and product manager dealing with all the OSI layers no one talks about at parties, layers 4 thru 7. He has 3 boys, 13 year old and 7 year old twins, and if he does get a dull moment he enjoys tennis and chess.

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Network Verification for Office 365 Exchange

If you need to manage a key critical application like Office365, how can you ensure that it’s always available? Watch Scot explain how Forward Enterprise can help.

Network Verification for VPN Users

What happens when your VPN runs out of capacity? Scot explains how to use Forward Enterprise’s mathematical model to anticipate changes in your environment.

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