Forward Fix Live:
Extending Zero Trust to the Cloud


Trying to make sense of your cloud security posture shouldn't mean flipping between multiple screens and inferring how traffic is behaving. Join this live event to see how you can monitor and verify your security posture across multiple clouds on a single screen.

Forward Fix Live host, Kevin Kuhls (@sdn_dude), and Technical Solutions Architect, Craig Johnson (@fracticated), will demonstrate how our customers use the Forward Networks platform to manage their cloud security posture including:

• Being able to visualize topology and hop by hop traffic analysis on-prem, on-prem to cloud, and cloud to cloud; all in a single view.

• Visualize and Verify zone-to-zone security policy compliance, on prem and in the cloud

• Prove compliance in the cloud

Forward Fix Live is created by engineers for engineers. No slides, just knowledge and conversation. We want to show you how the platform works and answer questions. 

Watch recording below