eBook: Networking Guru's Guide to Verification

Identify errors and eliminate outages, while maintaining a single source of truth for network design, behavior and security information.

Podcast: Packet Pushers Tech Byte

APRIL 2020 EPISODE: Nikhil Handigol, co-founder of Forward, discusses the state of network verification and where the technology is heading.

Topics discussed in this Packet Pushers episode:

  • How Forward Networks emulates the actual behavior of your network
  • Practical applications of network verification, including search, testing changes, and verification
  • Forward’s Network Query engine
  • How verification relates to Intent-Based Networking

FEBRUARY 2020 EPISODE: Andreas (Andi) Voellmy, a member of the technical staff at Forward discusses in this episode:

  • How Forward builds its data model and what the model encompasses
  • How Forward gathers state data from network devices
  • Network Query Engine (NQE) use cases
  • How In-App NQE simplifies queries

Forward Enterprise Data Sheet

Forward Enterprise intent-based verification can eliminate configuration errors and network outages.

Forward Enterprise ROI Study

Read how this financial institution cut costs by leveraging Forward Enterprise in trouble ticket resolution, audit-related fixes and change window frequency.

ESG Report: Verifying Network Intent with Forward Enterprise

This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on validation of Forward Enterprise, a solution developed by Forward Networks to help organizations save time and resources when verifying that their IT networks can deliver application traffic consistently in line with network and security policies.

Verifying Network Intent with Forward Enterprise

This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on validation of Forward Enterprise, a solution developed by Forward Networks to help organizations save time and resources when verifying that their IT networks can deliver application traffic consistently in line with network and security policies.

Why Network Verification Requires a Mathematical Model

Learn how verification can be used in key IT processes and workflows, why a mathematical model is required and how it works; as well as example use cases from the Forward Enterprise platform.

Doyle Research | Accelerating Network Verification with Intent Based Networking

Learn the value of automating network verification; how IBN allows the configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of thousands of disparate network elements with real-time verification of the health and policy alignment of ongoing deployments.

ROI Case Study

See how one of our large financial services customers achieved significant ROI with process improvements in trouble ticket resolution, audit-related fixes and change windows.

NetOps white paper preview

The Impact of Intent-based Verification on NetOps and Change Windows

Learn how Forward Networks can accelerate network operations and change windows by automating many of the review, evaluation and testing of major changes prior to going live, while removing the risk of outages and misconfigurations.

Forward Enterprise Use Cases screen shot

Forward Enterprise Top Use Cases

Learn the top use cases for Forward Networks enterprise platform, including accelerating change windows, end-to-end path-based analysis, configuration management and more.

Network Verification for Office 365

If you need to manage a key critical application like Office365, how can you ensure that it’s always available? Forward Enterprise can help.

Networking Field Day

Watch as Forward Networks engineers demonstrate the unique features of Forward Enterprise live in front of NFD 21 and NFD 22 delegates.

Demo: Forward Enterprise

Get to know the Forward Enterprise interface on a deeper level.

Demo: VMware NSX Data Center

Forward Networks supports VMware NSX Data Center delivering a single analytics and troubleshooting platform for both physical and virtual networks.

Demo: AWS and Hybrid Cloud Support

Forward Enterprise delivers the benefits of intent-based networking to hybrid cloud environments. See how IT organizations can view their AWS VPC networks as a seamless extension of their on-premises infrastructure, from a connectivity, security policy and compliance perspective.

ONUG Presentation NYC

Presentation and Demo from ONUG Fall 2018 in New York City

Co-Founder Nikhil Handigol presents on the integration of network verification with SDN automation projects in this 10-minute video.

Use Case - Path Analysis

Use Case Demonstration - Using path-based analysis to troubleshoot network issues.

Learn how to accelerate and de-risk network operations by viewing network policies and path behavior end-to-end.

Use Case - Pre-defined Checks

Use Case Demonstration - Accelerate change windows.

Learn how to accelerate change windows by pre-verifying proposed changes against defined network policies. Reduce the time required for peer reviews, analyzing impacts across applications, and detailed lab testing.

Use Case - Accelerate Change Windows

Use Case Demonstration - Verify basic network configurations.

Learn how to automatically verify correct configurations of basic network setting such as MTU consistency, forwarding loops and VLANs network-wide to increase network availability in a fraction of the time.

Nikhil Handigol presenting at ONUG Fall 2017

Nikhil Handigol, Co-Founder, at ONUG Fall 2017

Accelerate and De-Risk Network Operations

Brandon Heller Video at future:net 2017

Brandon Heller, CTO, future:net 2017

How Can I Trust the Network to Correctly Implement My Intent?

Andreas Stavropoulos

Investors talk about Forward Networks

Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, DFJ, A.Capital, Forward Networks delivers a mathematically accurate network copy to simplify network operations and provide network assurance. Bill Krause, Board Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Martin Casado, GP at Andreessen Horowitz, Andreas Stavropoulos, Partner at DFJ and David Erickson, Forward Networks CEO, outline their view on the market space, company and strategy

Network Reassurance

Network verification is a new technology for managing network chaos and automating key IT tasks such as troubleshooting, compliance processes, audits, and change windows. Verification has been used in other engineering disciplines, such as software and semiconductor design, but has never been viable for networking until recent breakthroughs that Forward Networks helped pioneer.

Under Pressure

Your network has always been mission-critical. But now it’s experiencing an unprecedented level of demand. Network operators are facing massive challenges to maintain network integrity and visibility in light of the current global health crisis. More than ever before, your business depends on network availability and reliability. In this webinar, we discuss best practices in network verification. Using a platform like Forward Enterprise enables network operators to reduce outages, drastically improve troubleshooting speed, and eliminate errors.

Network Verification: Are Error-free Networks Really Achievable?

Did you know that it’s now possible to analyze your network end-to-end to quickly and proactively detect any network configuration errors across thousands of devices and millions of lines of code? Forward Networks Co-Founder Nikhil Handigol will show how our new verification technology can certify network updates before pushing them live to avoid outages and ensure 100% compliance.

Automation + Verification: Forward Networks and Cisco NSO Demo

Automation + Verification: Learn why automating network processes is only part of the battle. Organizations need a network verification platform to check manual and orchestration-driven network updates in large agile environments to reduce the possibility of outages and configuration errors. Forward Networks verification platform is an ideal complement to Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO, originally Tail-f) as we show how orchestration changes can be verified for policy compliance in real-time as changes are pushed out.

Intent-based Networking. Is it real? Are you ready?

Intent-based networking is generating interest as a next-generation method for automating network changes and validating network policies. What’s really feasible today, what benefits does it offer and where can it be deployed? We will show how it can be used to verify network designs and configurations in a fraction of the time. And it’s easily deployed today.

Network Modeling & Verification With Forward Networks

About Network Modeling & Verification With Forward Networks

Reduce Network Outages with Intent Based Verification

About Reducing Network Outages with Intent Based Verification

Verify and Predict Demo Slide

Forward Enterprise Verify and Predict Demo

Six minute overview of the Forward Enterprise Verify and Predict capabilities.

Search Podcast Title Slide

Forward Enterprise Search Demo

Seven minute overview of the Forward Enterprise Search capabilities demonstrating how to build queries to analyze network behavior and intent.

NFD Demo Title Slide

Networking Field Day 13: Platform demo

Brandon Heller, CTO, delivers presentation and demo for NFD 13, November, 2016.