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Why Network Verification Requires a Mathematical Model

Learn how verification can be used in key IT processes and workflows, why a mathematical model is required and how it works; as well as example use cases from the Forward Enterprise platform.

Foward Networks: The Power of Visibility

How a Network Digital Twin Drives Agility, Security, and Availability

This ESG white paper validates the technical and business benefits of Forward Enterprise.  According to ESG, Forward Networks allows operations engineers to effectively leverage their data across network, security, and application development teams to deliver a highly available, secure, and agile network environment.

Accelerating Network Operations Through Verification

Learn the value of automating network verification; how IBN allows the configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of thousands of disparate network elements with real-time verification of the health and policy alignment of ongoing deployments.

SecOps Practitioners: Siloed and Poorly Integrated Systems Continue to Undermine Network Security

In recent research, IDG identified a disconnect between network security practitioners and executives around levels of confidence and priority initiatives. Read the white paper to learn what this means for you and how a single source of network truth can mitigate concerns.

CISOs and Security Executives: Network Security: Multiple Challenges Underline Need for Increased Visibility and Verification

As an IT leader, you may be surprised to know that your team may be more concerned about the security of your network than you are. Learn what IDG research revealed and how network visibility can improve your security posture.

Search Semantics

The Forward Enterprise Platform collects configuration and state data, parses, normalizes, and builds a mathematical model representation
of enterprise networks. The mathematical model, normalized data model, and raw source are all indexed to provide rapid response to queries.

Use Cases

Automatic Noncompliance Detection and Alerts

The Forward Networks platform enables compliance and security by increasing visibility into the network, enabling continuous monitoring for issues, and breaking

down silos across teams — from network operations to security operations to DevOps.

App Team Self Service

At a global card payment processor, the network team was required to vet network connectivity requirements in terms of destination IPs, protocols and ports for every new application to roll-out. To accelerate this process, the engineering team…

Network and Configuration Audit

A large media company was previously unable to gather information on device details, configuration, connectivity or on IP localization because there was no single repository for all the network elements. Every time a change was implemented in the network…

Common Vulnerability and Exposure Mitigation

Learn how the network OS vulnerability mitigation functionality in the Forward Enterprise platform can help your security and network teams collaborate more effectively on CVE alerts.

Blast Radius Identification

Security teams need access to actionable information about everything in the network—where devices are located, how they interact, and all relevant details about their configuration and state…

Zone to Zone Matrix

The zone-to-zone connectivity feature in the Forward Enterprise platform can help SecOps determine, at a glance, which zones in the network have full, partial, or no connectivity and whether network policies for security are working as expected.

Ebooks and Reports

eBook: The ROI of a Network Digital Twin

The financial return on aligning your team, simplifying troubleshooting, and avoiding outages

eBook: Networking Guru's Guide to Verification

Identify errors and eliminate outages, while maintaining a single source of truth for network design, behavior and security information.

ESG: Report: Verifying Network Intent with Forward Enterprise

This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on validation of Forward Enterprise, a solution developed by Forward Networks to help organizations save time and resources when verifying that their IT networks can deliver application traffic consistently in line with network and security policies.


Forward Enterprise Datasheet

Forward Enterprise intent-based verification can eliminate configuration errors and network outages.

IPv6 Readiness. Verified.

Forward Enterprise can analyze and visualize IPv6 compliant traffic paths to help network operations teams and administrators ensure the network is IPv6 compliant or indicate any non-compliant traffic flows that require upgrades.


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Networking Field Day Recordings

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Case Studies, ROI Analyses, and Media Appearances

Forward Enterprise ROI Study

Read how this financial institution cut costs by leveraging Forward Enterprise in trouble ticket resolution, audit-related fixes and change window frequency.

Forward Enterprise Case Studies

Our customers are seeing dramatic improvements in network availability and agility by deploying Forward Enterprise. Learn how a global payment processor, a media conglomerate, and a large financial services company are realizing the benefits of network verification.

Packet Pushers Tech Bytes

EPISODE 1: Andreas (Andi) Voellmy, a member of the technical staff at Forward.

EPISODE 2: Nikhil Handigol, co-founder of Forward, discusses the state of network verification and where the technology is heading.

Seeking Truth in Networking

Forward co-founder & CTO, Brandon Heller and Technical Solutions Architect & seasoned network engineer, Derick Winkworth co-host Seeking Truth in Networking. Together they bring you authentic conversations from the broader networking community.

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