The ROI of a
network digital twin

The financial return on aligning your team,
simplifying troubleshooting, and avoiding outages

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The financial return on aligning your team, simplifying troubleshooting, and avoiding outages

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Since Forward Networks introduced Forward Enterprise to the world in 2016, we’ve heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers.

“As a customer of Forward Networks I can tell you that I wouldn’t want to ever be without their software.

Even the simplest task of finding a mac address or IP address on your network is done instantaneously on Forward Enterprise.

The amount of time this has saved my team is worth every penny of the investment.”

—Network Architect & Engineer
Consumer Financial Services company

“Forward Networks has really impressed us. It’s a very ambitious solution they’re providing and the quality of both their engineering and support have proven to be really top notch.

I’m a tools engineer myself, so I understand how hard it is to do what they’ve done with this product.

At our scale many tools just get crushed. Theirs held up really well under a vigorous POC and just keeps getting better.”

—Software Engineer (Network Tools)
Fortune 500 Communications Company

“Forward Networks has rapidly developed to make the network visible, easy to understand , improve automation, and reduce outages to the network, applications and business process.

This tool has an impressive wow factor to all engineers who review it.

It can help reduce risks and ensure outcomes for SRE teams, DevOps and CI/CD functions.”

—Head of Engineering Quality
$30B Communications Company

"Seeing is believing. Forward Networks’ visibility seems pretty close to a holy grail."

- Network Architect and Analyst

Align your teams

It’s a familiar story: the network team, the security team, and the app team tend to point the finger at one another when something goes wrong. But what if you could provide everyone with instant access to the information they need to do their jobs, in a format that makes sense to them? 

Forward Enterprise serves as the single source of truth for your network and has REST APIs to integrate with other tools, which can be invaluable when teams are looking for critical information. For example, one of our customers, a global payment processor, deployed a Slackbot to let the app team easily query the network data from Forward Enterprise without disrupting the network team. As a result, the business has been able to deploy applications 60% faster than they were previously, helping them meet the revenue targets of the growing company. 

Simplify troubleshooting


Hunting for the source of a network incident can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Multiple devices, different protocols, team members with varying levels of expertise, each rooting around in a CLI to pinpoint the problem. What if you could take tasks that usually require hours, and cut them down to seconds? 

One of our customers, a global entertainment company, estimates that they previously spent 20-30 minutes on every path search, which has been reduced to less than one minute since deploying Forward Enterprise. Find the problem fast, and fix it fast. 

As a result, they’ve realized an 81% reduction in mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).  

Avoid outages 

Let’s face it: network outages suck. They have the potential to cripple the business and put the entire network team in fire-fighting mode. Can we prevent more of them? YES. What if you had an intelligent sidekick to help you manage the network, one that would alert you to issues that could potentially cause outages (like an MTU mismatch), allowing you to resolve them before they ever result in a problem? 

One of our customers, a very large financial institution in the U.S., has achieved a 90% reduction in P0/P1 network outages over two years since rolling out Forward Enterprise. 

Go from reactive to proactive

Consider this: when the time to insight for an outage goes down to a minute, or the time to confirm that a change window succeeded goes down to a minute, or the time to go from one example of a problem to all examples of a problem goes down to minutes — that frees up time.​​​

One of our customers, a US Government organization, estimates that since deploying Forward Enterprise, their team has spent 45% less time dealing with unforeseen issues. In the past 18 months, they’ve been able to dedicate more time to making network improvements, focusing on fault tolerance, automation, and new integrations.

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