Are you one ACL rule away from
becoming a security headline?

Network modeling mitigates human error and moves your team from reactive to proactive.

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Automating compliance and enabling Zero Trust

Forward Enterprise's Verify function is the only tool available that is multi-vendor, multi-environment and presents data in an actionable vendor agnostic manner empowering teams to quickly act on any vulnerability/non-compliance.

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Accurate understanding

Security teams depend on an accurate understanding of the “implemented reality” of network boundaries to answer many high-value security questions with confidence, such as:

Do the implemented security boundaries match my original desire?

Where could a compromised host have reached out to – or received malware from?

Did my security-oriented network change have the intended effects?

In contrast, we take a software-driven approach to providing these critical answers to security teams.

How does it work?

Forward Enterprise creates a digital twin of an entire enterprise network, by using a mathematical model to analyze how every possible packet could traverse the network, across all technologies seen in enterprise networks (L2, L3, L4, overlays, underlays, etc) and environments (on-premise, hybrid, and public cloud).

This exhaustive exploration and data set is what enables network security teams to ask such questions and get immediate answers, via an easy-to-use query interface.

Once the current deployed security posture is understood, the next steps should be to tighten/improve it, and to ensure that it remains at least as tight as it currently is, and does not unintentionally have holes opened via the many changes occurring to the network every day. Forward Enterprise assists with these needs as well:

Intent verification checks

Define Intent Verification Checks to automatically and continuously validate that the configured L3 and L4 connectivity remains in compliance with the intended security policy.
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Network Query Engine

Create Network Query Engine (NQE) checks to verify configuration compliance (for example DISA Secure Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) and Secure Requirements Guide (SRG) used by DoD and federal agencies) or vulnerability assessments (for instance, Cisco advisory notices).
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Predict with confidence

Predict and verify the outcome of security changes (ACL on switches and routers, or firewall rules) using Forward Enterprise's digital twin to assess the impact of any security configuration changes prior to deploying to production and to prevent security holes and outages in the production environment.
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Review with diffs

Use Diff functionality to understand what configuration changes recently occurred - intended or not - but also to understand, with Behavior Diff functionality, the effects of those changes on potential traffic and on network boundaries.
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