Security Visualization
and Verification

A single-source-of-truth to verify network security posture

Security teams need a single source of truth for the network that depicts device topology, configuration and state in an easy to digest format.

Whether trying to respond to an event or prevent one – security operations professionals shouldn’t have to hunt for information, it should be instantly available.

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It seems the only thing security executives and SecOps engineers agree on is the need for improved network
visibility to protect the security posture.

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Zero Trust, But Verify

Zero Trust – a vague and overused term for a common goal –
a secure computing environment where only authorized people can access information and resources.

Forward Enterprise helps security operations professionals move toward this goal through visualization of East-West Traffic Flows, endpoint-to-endpoint connectivity analysis matrix and timely non-compliance alerts.

Click on the use case Zero Trust Verification and Validation to learn more.

Blast Radius Identification

It’s not a matter of “if,” but when a device will be compromised. It’s critical that security operations professionals can immediately identify compromised hosts and additional devices that may have been compromised to contain the threat.

The Forward Enterprise blast radius feature acts as an “easy button.” In one click, security operations professionals get detailed information on all other devices connected to the compromised host and traffic patterns, making remediation faster and easier.

Click on the use case Blast Radius Identification and Isolation below to learn more.

Compliance - Automated

Config drift—nobody wants it; everyone has it. But you don’t have to.

Using our Network Query Engine and Intent-based checks, security operations leaders are immediately alerted when a device configuration is out of compliance with the details needed to immediately remediate the problem. The network is always in compliance.

Click on the use case Automatic Noncompliance Detection and Alerts below to learn more.

Accurate Zone-to-Zone Connectivity Matrix

Knowing which devices and applications can communicate with one another is foundational to security – yet most teams work from out-of-date spreadsheets and tribal knowledge to make this critical determination.

By correlating routing information and security policies, Forward Enterprise offers an always current zone-to-zone connectivity matrix. Security operations professionals now have full confidence of zone-to-zone connectivity posture.

Click on the use case Zone to Zone Connectivity Matrix below to learn more.

Data Calls and Audits – Now a (painful) Memory

Audits are time-consuming and frankly annoying. But they are unavoidable. Or are they?

Using regularly scheduled collections and snapshots, Forward Enterprise delivers an always-on audit. Security Operations professionals no longer need to work the phones and email to gather the evidence needed to respond to an audit. The platform immediately serves-up historical configuration and state information. Forwarad Enterprise's diffs feature identifies changes including when they were made and their impact.

Audit responses are just a mouse click away.

Network OS Vulnerability Mitigation

Keeping up with the seeming avalanche of device operating system vulnerability alerts can be a full-time job.

But should it be?

Using information from the NIST National Vulnerability Database and the specific device and configuration data collected from your network, Forward Enterprise automatically analyzes your network for vulnerabilities and presents information in an actionable format.

Our API integration with ServiceNow can automatically generate tickets automating the entire process.

Ready to see it in action? Watch the live demonstration of Forward Networks' ServiceNow and Splunk integrations and see how quickly incidents can be resolved when context is automatically shared.

Common Vulnerability and Exposure Mitigation

See for yourself how the network OS vulnerability mitigation functionality in the Forward Enterprise platform can help your security and network teams collaborate more effectively on CVE alerts.

Your teams can identify and fix affected devices faster, so that your network — and organization — can be more secure.

Click on the use case OS Vulnerability and Exposure Management below to learn more.

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